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We feature articles about turning your passion into profit and the must-have-hobbies of the season, because it's all about YOUR LOVE OF CRAFTS.

Why your child should have a hobby?

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Hobbies give us a fulfilling and productive use of our free time.If you think about it, the time we don’t spend working, sleeping, or spending time with loved ones is bound up in the interests we choose to pursue. Often, these interests shape our core identities!

For kids, this is even more true, as experimenting with hobbies from a young age allows them to develop skills in areas they are passionate about.

5 Hobbies everyone should have…


Are you feeling stuck-in-a-rut, restless and frustrated? 

Well, it might be time to get yourself a hobby.  The benefits of having a hobby has been proven over and over and research even goes as far as to say that people that enjoy a hobby are less likely to suffer from stress, depression and low self-esteem. In general, people with hobbies have a better state of mental health. 

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