Creative Hobbies & Crafts

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Creative Hobbies & Crafts

Craft hobbies can be especially good for your mental health and can provide a welcome distraction from the routine of everyday life, which when combined with the satisfaction you get from completing a project can help to reduce stress and release those much-needed endorphins.


African Expressions Logo

Luxurious locally manufactured natural fibre yarns for all your knitting, crochet, weaving and looming enjoyment.

A wide range of colours, textures and thicknesses available suitable for nearly every creative yarn project imaginable.

South African fibres, spun in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for all to enjoy. There is a yarn for every crafter in the African Expressions range. Let the creativity run wild. 

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Cameo postage Stamp Colour Logo

Cameo Décor Paint proudly manufactures our own paint, using our unique bases and liquid tints giving our Paint range an edge in the market.  The paint is easy to work with and dries to a smooth finish.  The quality of our product combined with our service excellence is what we offer to our creatives.

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Brother Web Safe Colour logo

Brother is a leading brand that supplies a diverse range of reliable and innovative products to more than 100 countries worldwide. The World of Brother offers printing, scanning, labelling and sewing and embroidery solutions that are convenient to use while efficiently streamlining your workflow, thus making them ideal in corporate, SME and home environments.

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Chamdor Logo

Largest fabric wholesalers in Africa.

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Clay Club Logo Banner2

Visit The Clay Club stand at Hobby-X to see our wide range of different mosaic products. We make our own mosaic inserts and tiles and package lovely DIY mosaic kits. These will all be on display and for sale. Our sales staff are experienced and can assist you with choosing and planning your mosaic projects.

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Crazy Crafts Logo

Our company was established 27 years ago and Crazy Crafts has since been the most widely recognised Crafts Brand in the Southern African regions. We also export #kidsfunstuff #crazycrafts products to all neighbouring African countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mosambique and Tanzania. 

Crazy Crafts is the Sole Distributor of Acrilex Paint Products and Guarany Dye Products, all imported from Brazil.


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Diamond dot painting logo - 4x6

Diamond-Dot Painting® is a paint-by-number/mosaic-like art to keep you busy for hours. Suitable for young and old, diamond painting is great therapy for individuals and group activities. There is something for everyone. And if you prefer a more personal picture, head over to our Custom page and request a personalised Diamond-Dot Painting® just for you or a loved one.

SilkScreen logo - 4x6

We manufacture high quality silkscreen stencils with an inventory of almost 700 designs to choose from. It is the ideal product to print designs with crisp finishes on polymer clay, textiles, paper, wood, cement, cookies etc. Custom made stencils also allow you to explore your own range or do your own branding. Our stencils are not cut out and not made from plastic or vinyl.

Stedilens Logo

Photographic accessory that stabilizes your telephoto lens and camera.

There are 2 versions of our product. StediLens | Window can be used in your vehicle. StediLens | Base can be used on a flat surface, monopod or tripod.

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Tjhoko paint logo - 4x6

Tjhoko Paint is a creamy and smooth chalk paint that leaves no chalky residue. It is easy to work with and requires no sealant to grip to a painted surface. If you like a matt look, no glaze (sealant) needs to be applied. If you require a washable, wearable surface: apply the Glaze with either a paintbrush or a cloth. Both paint and sealants are water- based and eco friendly.

Logo (4)

We are cutting good quality, durable stencils for walls, floor, tiles, furniture, crafting etc.

Our stencils are ideal for 3D stencilling due to the thickness of our stencil.

We can also assist with custom stencil within limits.


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